ARHVA Mission Statement

Alberta Ranch Horse Versatility Associations' mission is to challenge all riders and horses with tasks likely to be encountered when working and riding on a ranch. To entertain and involve the audience and to display impeccable ambassadorship for the equine profession while promoting the various levels of competitive horsemanship while in a show environment.


Open - This division is for anyone that recieves remuneration for training, judging and instructing another person.

Limited Open - This division is for the open rider that maybe hasn't done a lot of showing. This division has a winning cap of $1000. Should the Limited open exceed $1000 in earnings they may remain in the Limited Open division for the calendar year. Then will move up to the Open division.

Amateur - An Amateur has not shown, judged, trained or assisted in training a horse for renumeration, monetary or otherwise, either directly or indirectly, nor received remuneration for instructing another person for riding, driving, training or showing a horse for five calendar years previous to the application for Amateur membership. Cattle work in this division envolves, boxing, taking the cow down the wall each way and then roping the cow within two tries OR circling the cow each way.

Limited Amateur - Is the next level up from Novice Amateur. This division is for those that have not won over $5000 in ARHVA events. Should Limited Amateur exceed the earnings of $5000 they may remain in Limited Amateur division for the calendar year. Limited Amateur division cattle work will consist of boxing the cow on the short wall to gain control then proceed to take the cow down the wall past center and box the cow on opposite end, then drive the cow back down the fence (original side) past the center marker and continue until the judge blows the whistle to show completion.

Novice Amateur - Is an entry level for those over the age of 19. This division has a winning cap of $1000. Should the Novice Amateur exceed $1000 in earnings they may remain in Novice Amateur division for the calendar year. Then will move into the Limited Amateur division the next year. Novice Am's may also show with two hands in a snaffle bit or bosal on any age of horse. In this division you only box the cow on the short end of arena in the working cow horse class.

Green as Grass - is for those riders who have never shown in ARHVA. Individuals are eligible to compete in this division for one calender year only. Individuals must meet the requirements of an amateur rider to be eligible. Although this is a non-competitive division, riders will be judged soley for the benefit of each individual. Riders in this division are NOT eligible for payouts or year end prizes.

Youth - We have 2 Youth divisions, 13 and Under (Junior) and 14-18 (Senior). The 13 and under (Junior) division DOES NOT drag a log in trail or cut in the cutting class and they have a simpler reining pattern. The 14-18 (Senior) division will ride same patterns as the Novice Amatuer division.