May 11 & 12 Clinic


It was a fun and exciting weekend of learning with 2 accomplished and talented trainers. We covered all aspects of ranch cutting, boxing and fence work with Clay Webster, while Day 2 covered ranch trail, ranch ride and ranch reining with Wayne Soderberg.


Show Dates 2024

Did you know?

When using Split reins only one hand may be used on the reins,and the hand must not be changed. The hand is to be around the reins, index finger only between split reins is permitted. However, in trail, it is permissible to change hands to work an obstacle, Junior horses (5 years old and less) that are shown in a hackamore or snaffle bit may be ridden with two hands on the reins.

** Off Pattern will be given if you have more than one finger between split reins or any fingers between romal reins (except in the two-rein) **