Saturdays Show

Please note that there was a print error of Reining Pattern 10 in the Rule Book

Correct pattern has been added under the forms Tab.

Start Time will be at 9AM 

There will NOT be a Concession so be sure to bring along a Lunch 

Warm up will be allowed in the arena but be sure to stay off the obstacles.

The outdoor pen will be available for warm up throughout the day. 



Trail Patterns for Saturday are posted under the forms tab.

Ranch Ride and Reining Patterns are in the rule book

Ranch Ride Pattern  #6

Reining Pattern #10

Youth Reining Pattern #2

 Entry Forms for the June 16th show are now posted under the Forms Tab. 

Please note: there is separate Entry Forms for Individual Classes and Versatility.

Directions to Thorlaksons Feedyard

From the North Airdire over pass, go East on Highway 567 approximately 7 km 

Turn North at the Thorlakson Feedlot sign, go 1.5 miles north.

The feedlot is on the west side of road.

When cross over Texas gate turn right, between the silos and weigh scale. You will see the arena to the left. 

With adding Individual Classes we have had a couple questions on if we will be running Ranch Trail and Ranch Ride back to back like previous years.

The answer is: Yes will will run them back to back as usual. 

If you are entered in:

** Ranch Versatility you will enter arena, ride the Trail Pattern pause and then ride the Ranch Ride pattern

** RanchTrail you will enter arena, ride the Trail pattern and then leave arena

** Ranch Ride you will enter the arena, ride the Ranch Ride pattern and then leave arena

** If you are individually entered in to both Ranch Trail and Ranch Ride you will ride the patterns back to back 


The New year is among us and we have some EXCITING news.

This year we opened it up so you can enter into the classes individually. We will offer these classes in addition to our Versatility Portion. Stay tuned for more info.

The 2018 Membership form is now posted under our forms Tab. Please note if you are coming to be a turn back rider or one of our cattle helpers, we have added a Honorary Volunteer spot on the membership form for those volunteers. Dates for Shows and clinics are being confirmed and will be posted soon.