Ranch Cutting

This class is judged on the ability of the horse to work a cow by separating it from the herd and holding it to determine the horse’s ability to work the cow. A single cow is cut from the herd and the horse must demonstrate the ability to work the cow. The ideal ranch cutting horse should have a natural ranch horse appearance from the head to tail in each maneuver.

Objective will be to cut two cows, one numbered and one non number cow, with the assistance of two turn back riders and two herd holders. Show management may supply the two herd holders and two turn back riders or exhibitor may supply their own helpers. If an exhibitor is a herd holder or turn back rider, he/she may use the horse that they are competing on, or use a different horse. Any person who is a herd holder or turn back rider but not an exhibitor, must hold an Honorary Volunteer Membership. The first exhibitor, in a new herd determines who settles the cattle.

Exhibitors will have a two and a half minute time limit, to work two head of cattle. Time will begin when the rider crosses a time line just prior to entering the herd.  Time should not start until exhibitor crosses a pre-determined and marked time line. Cattle numbers can be announced prior to crossing the time line. The rider will then quietly separate his/her cow from the herd. Each exhibitor has the option of ending their run before the two and a half time limit or working the full time limit.

Unnecessary roughness or disturbing the herd excessively could result in disqualification. Ultimate credit will be given to the horses demonstrating excellence in the herd work by committing to, driving, setting up and working a cow in the center of the arena with minimal disturbance to the herd. Horses will not be penalized for reining during the cutting portion, but should display natural ability.

Youth 13 and under that have entered the versatility section DO NOT complete in the cutting.  If a youth 13 and under wishes to compete in cutting, they have the option to enter the individual youth cutting class.

For more information see Rule Book.

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