Ranch Conformation

The purpose of ranch conformation is to preserve the ranch horse type selecting well mannered individuals in the order of their resemblance to the breed ideal and that are the most positive combination of balance, structural correctness, and movement with appropriate breed and sex characteristics and adequate muscling. The ideal ranch conformation horse should have a natural ranch horse appearance from head to tail. The ranch conformation class must be held after the conclusion of the other events.

Horses are to be shown in a good working halter: rope, braided, nylon, or plain leather. Any horse shown in ranch horse conformation class may not be shown with an allowed lip cord, however a lead shank with an attached chain may be used under the chin or over the nose.

As the horse approaches, the judge will step aside to the right to enable the horse to trot straight to a cone placed 50 feet away. At the cone the horse will continue trotting, turn to the left and trot toward the left wall or fence of the arena. After trotting, horses will be lined up head to tail for individual inspection by the judge. The judge shall inspect each horse from sides, the front and rear.

For more information see Rule Book.